How Financially Prepared Are You For Retirement?

There is more to taxes than just the April filing date. It doesn’t matter the time of year or your personal circumstances, careful planning can lower your tax bill while allowing you to save for retirement.
Sometimes life just happens and you have to make difficult financial decisions that involve loved ones – such as providing long term care for your spouse or parents.

Consider these questions:

  • How long should I continue to work?
  • Are my current retirement savings sufficient?
  • When is the best time to apply for Social Security?
  • How will my pension be taxed?
  • When can I begin to withdraw from my IRA’s?
  • What assets should I sell and when?


Tax Services
  • Tax Reduction Planning
  • Individual Tax Returns, Multi-State, Non-Resident, Prior Year & Amended Returns
  • Trust & Tax Returns due upon death


Financial Services

Building and preserving your personal wealth requires specialized attention. As licensed Financial Services professionals, we partner with Next Level Advisors to develop long-range financial strategies that fit your personal needs.

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